Monthly Archive: February, 2012

Who Likes What: Social Media By Demographic

Via – Being Your Brand Do you ever wonder what social networking sites you should be focusing your marketing efforts on? This handy infographic breaks down the top social networking sites by… Continue reading

How To Drive Traffic Between Social Media Platforms

A social media strategy involves the collaboration of multiple platforms, using the best features of each platform is necessary to create a successful strategy. While Twitter should often be used as an “announcements”… Continue reading

Creating Brand Opportunity Out Of Negativity

One of the basic rules of business is “Make the customer happy.” Companies know that a negative comment from one customer can quickly turn into ten. The basic rules of business have not… Continue reading

Social Media Week 2012 – A Global Platform | Blog au Roux | Mudbug Media, Inc.

Via – Being Your Brand Check out the blog I wrote for Mudbug Media on the Social Media Week 2012! Here is a snippit from the blog: Last week was Social Media… Continue reading

What Do You Do When Your Social Media Strategy is a Success

So, you have created and implemented a great social media strategy for your company. It is creating conversations and growing your brand. But…what do you do next? What to Do When Your Social… Continue reading

Eight Qualities of Remarkable Employees

Via – Being Your Brand I came across this article while reading the newest Inc. magazine, it’s all about the qualities that great employees often share: The ignore job descriptions They’re eccentric… Continue reading

Social Media and Your Career

Social media is probably the best tool that you can use these days when job hunting. Actually, when I was applying for my first job in the marketing and advertising industry, after college… Continue reading

How the 10 Most-Followed Brands are Leveraging Pinterest

Pinterest is definitely catching the interest of big and influential companies, mostly fashion and media based companies. Including, one of may favorite websites, Mashable! Magazine companies have seen the advantages of the new… Continue reading

Maintaining Brand Consistency

Some of the first things that come to mind when thinking about brand strategy are logo design, tagline, company goals and values, messaging voice, sales platforms (physical location and/or website), and company culture.… Continue reading

How to Harness the Power of Hashtags

Twitter is a unique platform, in which you are only able to have a conversation with the world using 140 characters. So how do you make your tweets stand out from the rest, and be found by engaged followers?… Continue reading

Human Talent or Party Animal?

Human Talent or Party Animal? When an Employee’s Social Media Content Becomes a Legal Liability Yesterday, during the “Oops! Social Media Mistakes and Learnings” Social Media Week event, the panel discussed why it… Continue reading

Social Media Week 2012 – Miami

Today, social media week Miami hit it out of the park with some amazing speakers. I was able to catch two great discussions that were broadcasted live on LiveStream. Oops! Social Media Mistakes and Learnings The first discussion was “Oops!… Continue reading