Monthly Archive: March, 2012

9 Steps to Creating a Personal Brand Strategy

Check out this great infographic below on 9 ways to create your personal branding strategy. You can’t just create a LinkedIn profile and hope for the best, a lot of thought and work… Continue reading

6 Tips For Strategic Thinking

I recently read a very interesting article in Inc. magazine by Paul Schoemaker; 6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers The article focused on the six things that strategic company leaders do well. Anticipate… Continue reading

Newsle – The News You Want To Know

There are many social media platforms to join and watch this year. However, there is one new platform that is getting a lot of buzz and is very intriguing, it is called Newsle.… Continue reading

How Colors Affect Purchases

Does color affect a customers’ purchase experience? Will it increase the chances that a customer will by your product? The answer to both of these questions is YES! Color is one of the… Continue reading

4 Social Media Platforms to Watch in 2012

When the Pinterest phenomenon began, I was personally caught off guard. Even with all the marketing blogs I follow, I did not hear of the new popular social media platform. After reading and… Continue reading

Gen Y Working Women Infographic

I came across the infographic below (posted by Mashable) on generation Y women in the workplace. Generation Y (also known as Millennials) is composed of those born between the later 1970’s and the… Continue reading

Top 5 Tech Trends from SXSWi 2012

Originally posted on Nineteen.Three:
For those of you who don’t have the time to sit and read my long-form recaps of SXSWi, I put together some of the most important topics and…

9 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros

The Social Media Examiner recently posted a great article about the 9 best Social Media Marketing Tips: Draw attention to your custom tabs in the new Faccbook timeline – they share great applications… Continue reading

10 Ways To Generate Trust With Your Landing Page Copy

Via – Being Your Brand Demian Farnworth of The Copybot describes ten ways to generate trust with your landing page copy. 10 Steps To Creating Great Copy Match Ad Copy with Landing… Continue reading

5 Steps to Using Twitter Effectively

Check out this great blog on 5 easy steps for using Twitter effectively. This post explains why each step is important and how to complete it successfully. Some of the steps covered are:… Continue reading

Hunger Games Social Media Strategy Breakdown

The promotion of the upcoming Hunger Games movie is a great example of a multidimensional online campaign incorporating an interactive website and social media. Fans are not located on just one social media… Continue reading

Hunger Games Website Strategy

Like many others, I have read and fallen in love with the Hunger Games trilogy. Upon finishing the last book, and with the knowledge of the upcoming movie, I decided to check out… Continue reading