Social Media Content Strategy: 3 Tips To Make Your Tone Less Brand-Centric

Brianna Smith:


This is a great blog on how to perfect your tone when writing content for social media. Social media isn’t about sounding like a brand or company, it is about making a personal connection with your customers. Don’t try to sell your customers constantly through social media. Your customers are not following you on social media to find out every single detail about your product, they can do that on your website. They follow you to connect and build a relationships with the brand. Check out the article for more tips! Social Media Content Strategy: 3 Tips To Make Your Tone Less Brand-Centric 

Originally posted on My/Spective by Nick Martin:

For brands trying to create a strong social media presence it can be tough resisting the urge to plug brand messaging with every Facebook post or tweet. You’ve probably already heard the advice that you need to “engage in conversations” via social rather than unilateral just shouting unilaterally and most likely you agree with the statement. That said, just because you understand the need doesn’t mean you know how to act on it.

Here are three nuggets of advice that will help you feel more comfortable engaging around the right topics. If you let these pointers sink in, it will allow you to resist the compulsion to drive brand messaging, but not so far as to be off-brand.

Drive conversations around the values or purpose of your product or brand

The quickest way to kill your social presence is to use it as a way to turn your audience’s newsfeed…

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