Top 5 Tech Trends from SXSWi 2012

Brianna Smith:

There are a lot of blogs out there right now about SXSW Interactive 2012, but this is one of my favorites. It gets straight to the point and breaks down the 5 tech trends that were getting the most buzz:

  1. Path – Personal social journals. Not sure if I want to know more about people than I already do through Facebook. Do you have a personal social journal?
  2. Social Discovery Tools – GPS enabled apps
  3. Mobile Payments – I haven’t tried Mobile payments yet, but I can definitely see using them in the future.
  4. Interface is King – Connecting design themes across platforms
  5. Beautifying the Web – Photo Sharing

Originally posted on Nineteen.Three:

For those of you who don’t have the time to sit and read my long-form recaps of SXSWi, I put together some of the most important topics and trends to watch from South by Southwest Interactive 2012. The following are what were, in my opinion, the top 5 tech trends from this year’s conference.

Top 5 Tech Trends to Watch

  • PathPath is the personal social journaling app where users can share every detail of their life, including: location, photos, thoughts, music, who you are with, and even when you wake up/sleep each day, and the app is currently sitting alone with its unique approach to social relationships
  • Social Discovery Tools – GPS-enabled apps that let people learn more about others nearby and notify about common friends, interests, etc. were all the rave this year (and the “official” battery suckers), including:  HighlightBanjoSonarForecast
  • Mobile Payments

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