Google Launches Cloud Storage Service

Google has launched its cloud storage service Google Drive. Google Drive is similar to DropBox and will most likely be beneficial for all types users, from students to traveling sales reps. Similar to DropBox, you install an app on your computer to access files anywhere. Google is supposed to be coming out with an iPhone and iPad app soon, but it is not available yet. I agree with this article in that Google Drive does not have any specific advantages over DropBox at the moment, but it is more convenient for those already using Google Docs on a regular basis. Do you think you will use Google Drive? Do you think you would switch from DropBox to Google Drive?

0 thoughts on “Google Launches Cloud Storage Service

  1. Aidan Bradley says:

    Its actually rather neat. I signed up to the 100GB plan, and will probably migrate over my dropbox data over the following weeks.
    90% of the features are the same, the collab with Google Docs is nice, and of course it’s cheaper than DropBox for the higher data plans. Nice Post.

    • beingyourbrand says:

      Thanks for sharing! I was thinking about possibly migrating over from dropbox soon as well! Seems perfect for people who travel for business on a regular basis.
      Do you think it is easier for current Gmail/GoogleDocs users to start using than non-users? Or easy for everyone?

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