5 Best Logo Redesigns

A logo is a company’s distinguishing mark, which customers connect with and remember. A logo needs to be both unique and eye-catching, a memorable design that customers will remember each time they see it. The logo design should communicate the company’s values and identity, such as:

  • Technical
  • Fun
  • Professional
  • Healthy
  • Green
  • Family

Overtime a company’s strategy evolves and so should their logo design. Companies must be very cautious when redesigning their logo because their customers already relate to and have a relationship with the current one. A successful redesign can strengthen the relationship with current customers and create relationships with new customer, while a bad redesign can ruin current relationships and greatly decrease the chances of creating new customer relationships. The following are 5 logo redesigns that successfully communicated the company’s new strategy¬† and identity, as well as helped to strengthen their relationship with customers.


Walmart Logo Redesign


Applebee's Logo Redesign


Sprint Logo Redesign

Jack in the Box

Jack in the box logo redesign


Gatorade Logo Redesign

What are your favorite logo redesigns? Leave a comment below.