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Components of High Quality Content Marketing

As search engines continue to alter their algorithms , so they can provide users with the best and most relevant content on the internet, the importance of content marketing is being pushed to… Continue reading

16 Tip for Marketing on a Budget

Originally posted on Transition Marketing Services:
Image Source: Clever Marketing Does Not Need To Always Be Expensive. Small Business owners seldom have the budget for glitzy or high profile marketing and advertising.…

The Power of the Facebook Power User

With 526 million active daily users, as of March 2012, Facebook usage is continuing to grow. Facebook users are sharing, liking, and commenting on more content than ever before. Of all Facebook users, … Continue reading

Building Brand Loyalty with an Integrated Social Media Strategy

I recently wrote an article for the Mudbug Media blog titled “Build a Following with an Integrated Social Media Strategy.” In the article I used Lowe’s Home Improvement store as an example of… Continue reading

The Influence of Social Media on Sales

Originally posted on My/Spective by Nick Martin:
This week I presented at the International Customer Reference Program Conference in Boston. It was really interesting to speak with the marketers basically in charge…

Who Has the Better Ad Network? Facebook Vs. Google

The internet has been a buzz this week with discussion of Facebook’s IPO, and rightfully so. It seems like we have all been try to guess when and if it was finally going… Continue reading

Stand Out With An Infographic Resume

With hundreds of applicants applying for every job right now, how do you make your resume stand out from the rest? One way is by creating an infographic resume. My favorite tool for… Continue reading

What Is Branding?

Originally posted on Dr Brian's SmartaMarketing Blog Number 1:
What is a Brand? The brand concept is well established in marketing. The first brands in a modern marketing sense were developed over a…

Best Times of Day to Use Social Media

Social media is 24/7 but your customers/fans/followers are not on each social media platform all the time. So, the question becomes: When is the best time to reach your customers using social media?… Continue reading

How to Talk-To Your Audience Not At Them

Originally posted on My/Spective by Nick Martin:
The concept that a message has to be tailored for the medium it’s delivered through isn’t new for marketers, yet somehow when the concept is…

WebTrends Webinar Recap: Adapting to your dynamic customer base

I recently watched the WebTrends webinar “Adapting to Your Dynamic Customer Base” presented by Jeremiah Oqyang and Susan Etlinger of the Altimeter Group, and Justin Kistner from Webtrends. It was a very insightful… Continue reading