How to Talk-To Your Audience Not At Them

Brianna Smith:

Have you ever wondered “Why did my followers like my Facebook page” or “Do I add value to my audience”? Well, even if you haven’t thought about either of those things before I recommend checking out Nick Martin’s post about how to Talk TO your audience instead of AT them. Social media is not meant to be used to shout your message to your audience, it is about talking to them to start a conversation.

Originally posted on My/Spective by Nick Martin:

The concept that a message has to be tailored for the medium it’s delivered through isn’t new for marketers, yet somehow when the concept is applied to social media so many of us come up a little short.

It’s intuitive to most that a television ad should be different than a radio ad, a magazine ad should differ from digital display and so on because people use each channel differently. It’s the reason why video ads in digital are shorter than TV ads (lower audience captivity) and the best mobile ads take a persons location into account. Yet somehow, the same logic is not applied when applied to social.

Let me illustrate my point.

This morning I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed which is comprised of a smattering of friends, a few brands I’ve by chance ‘Liked’ in my 8 years of being a Facebook user, and of…

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