Stand Out With An Infographic Resume

With hundreds of applicants applying for every job right now, how do you make your resume stand out from the rest? One way is by creating an infographic resume.

My favorite tool for building a visual, dynamic, and interactive resume is Re.Vu. Re.Vu calls its self the “Cure for the Common Resume”. They not only offer free tools for creating your dynamic resume, they also let you select a custom Re.Vu url to direct people to.

There a many different options on Re.Vu to display your work experience, so you will never see two identical Re.Vu resumes. The idea of creating an infographic resume may seem overwhelming, but Re.Vu makes it very easy. By linking your LinkedIn account to your Re.Vu account, all your past and present work information is imported. This makes it really simple to create all the visual graphs, that make your resume pop.

When you begin building your infographic resume, create a biography that explains who you are and what you do, and upload a traditional resume so employers can download it.

Add Social Media to Your Infographic Resume

A great feature of Re.Vu is that you can add links to all your social media profiles to your infographic resume, including:

LinkedIn Facebook Twitter
WordPress Tumblr Google+
YouTube Flickr Stumbleupon
FourSquare Digg Blogger
Vimeo Slide Share Myspace
Picasa Posterous Reddit

Visual Timeline of Your Experience

You can also create a visual timeline, based on the information imported from LinkedIn. The timeline will visually display your work history. Below is an example of what the visual timeline looks like. You can include a detailed description for each entry that will appear on your profile in a popover window when someone clicks on an event.

Infographic Resume Timeline

Integrating Graphs Into Your Infographic

On Re.Vu you can create 9 different infographics to add to your resume. You can add one or all of the following infographics to your resume:Job Duties Infographic Resume

  1. Vital Stats: Your Top Quantifiable Achievements
  2. Job Duties: How You Spend Your Time At Work
  3. Skill evolution: How Your Skills Evolved Over Time
  4. Proficiencies: Your Skill Proficiencies
  5. Quotes: Something Fantastic Someone Has Said About Your Work
  6. Percentages: Your Accomplishments That Can Best Be Expressed As Percentages
  7. Pastimes: How You Spend Your Time When You Aren’t Working
  8. Interest: How Your Interests Have Evolved Over Time
  9. Languages: Languages That Your SpeakSkill Levels Infographic ResumeInterests Infographic Resume

Re.Vu also lets you display your portfolio in your infographic and upload work examples that potential employers can download. In addition, you can promote your resume through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also create a QR code to promote your infographic.  You can put it on  your business card to direct people to your infographic resume.  After you start promoting your resume, you can track profile views, resume downloads, and work example downloads on the profile statistics page.

Check out my Re.Vu profile for an example of the dynamic infographic resume you can make. View my profile page on page!

Using an infographic resume may not be the right approach if you are applying for a job in the accounting or scientific industries, but it is definitely a great tool for applying to jobs in the marketing, design, and media industries. Have fun building your dynamic resume!!!

Have you created an infographic resume before? Do you think you would use an infographic resume to apply for a job? Leave a comment below!!!

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16 thoughts on “Stand Out With An Infographic Resume

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  3. I attempted your Re.Vu link and they are down. What good is it when the website is down? How many opportunities are missed by a bad impression.

    • Thank you for the comment, this is the first time I have experienced their website being down. As this is most likely one of your many online professional profiles I think it would be okay. As an employer I would not fault an applicate if a website they don’t control is down. For example, applicants should always include a link to their LinkedIn profile in their signature, but if LinkedIn is down (as it was during late October) I would not expect a future employer to fault the applicant.

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  8. The problem with infographic resume sites is similar to building your first website… unlike field of dreams just simply building it does not mean that they will come. You have to promote it right? While social media links from your page are good, it is probably more important to have a link on your LinkedIn profile pointing to your page. LinkedIn has the traffic and the types of people who are going to be interested in looking at your infographic resume… Login to LinkedIn – Choose “Edit Profile” – and add a link under “Websites” – Choose “other” and then title it “Infographic Resume” – finally use your unique page URL for the website address. Great article by the way! is the best tool out there to create unique socially identifiable infographic resumes that don’t look like they all came off of the same template.

    • Mike, you are right! Just creating a dynamic resume is not enough, you have to get people to go to it. Otherwise, it is not helping you out any more than a paper resume sitting on your desk would. I think that it is a great idea to add it to your LinkedIn profile as one of your websites! I think by adding it as a website to your LinkedIn profile, it also gives it more credibility.

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