The Influence of Social Media on Sales

Brianna Smith:

Check out this very interesting article by Nick Martin, recapping his recent presentation at the International Customer Reference Program Conference in Boston. In the article he breaks down his presentation into the following two categories:

Impacting the Right Conversations Means Influencing the Bottom Line

Business need to understand the different stages of the customer life-cycle. In order for businesses to target their audience correctly during each stage of the customer, they must:

  • Research top influencers
  • Determine target search terms & phrases customers use
  • Calculate a customer’s desired outcome

Four Common Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

  • Don’t assume that your target audience is already following you
  • Focus on building followers
  • Defining social too narrowly
  • Optimizing for search AND social

I highly recommend not only checking out his presentation recap but also the full presentation titled Unlocking the Value of Search and Social for Customer Evidence on SlideShare.

Originally posted on My/Spective by Nick Martin:

This week I presented at the International Customer Reference Program Conference in Boston. It was really interesting to speak with the marketers basically in charge of harnessing the voice of customers to make an impact on their business. Attendees ranged from those who were looking to start a customer engagement program from scratch to those who sought to improve upon and evolve solidly established and successful programs they’ve already launched.

My presentation focused on exploring how to plan and packaging customer evidence in a way that capitalizes on the increasing convergence of social media, search, and content. My presentation came just a week after Google’s “Penguin” update which represented yet another hurdle for marketers attempting to  impact their target audience’s online experience without investing in really great content, so my talk seemed to be even more topical than originally expected.

After I got home I began thinking a little bit…

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