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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Email Marketing

While many companies are focusing on integrating social media into their marketing strategies (as they should), they are tending to also over look tried-and-true practices to reach customers, one of which is email… Continue reading

Social Media’s Biggest Blunders Infographic

With millions of people using social media every day and growing, it is more crucial than ever that you are prepared for any difficult situations that may arise, such as Facebook post or… Continue reading

Agile Marketing: What is it and Why is it Important?

The following is my most recent blog post for Mudbug Media entitled “What is Agile Marketing and Why is it Important?”. Agile Marketing…Is it just a buzzword or a new way of marketing… Continue reading

Top Cities for Social Media Savvy Small businesses Infographic

Originally posted on Infographic List:
Brianna Smith:Check out this great infographic on the top cities in America with social media savvy small businesses. Leading the way is San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Seattle, and San Diego. Originally… Continue reading

The Power of Social Media for Small Businesses

Manta recently completed a survey of 600 small businesses across the United States to determine level of activity from small businesses on social media, and how valuable it is to the growth of… Continue reading

The Challenge of Creating a Connection Between Multiple Brands

So you have been developing your online brand identity, making sure that your website is both enticing and user friendly. But, now imagine this challenge: “There are five brands within a larger corporate… Continue reading

Top 10 Restaurant Chains on Social Media

  We all love to eat. While we may not agree on which is better, spaghetti or tacos, we can agree that food is generally a very popular topic and may be one… Continue reading

All Marketers Feel the Ups and Downs at JC Penney

Originally posted on Lisa Arthur on Marketing:
Investors are worried about JC Penney’s ability to turn itself around. Marketers are, too. After all, it’s no secret traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are undergoing significant upheaval.…

The Pluses and Minuses of Google+

The following is my most recent blog on Mudbug Media’s Blog au Roux about how to determine if Google+ could benefit your social media strategy. The buzz about Google+ has revved up again… Continue reading