Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool: Infographic

Social media is not just an excellent tool to grow your brand identity and connect with customers, it is also one of the best tools for customer service. Followers of brands on social media expect a two-way and  more from companies than ever before. Followers are not only looking for the newest coupon or information on the “Spring Line”, they want to be heard! When they are upset and shout it out to the social media world, they are also putting their relationship with the company on the line…”respond and respond well, or we are never ever getting back together.”

The infographic below explains how using social media for customer service can differentiate a “great” company from a “good” company on social media. In addition, the infographic explains how social media has changed how companies measure the success of their social media strategy. For example, customer service is no longer measured on the number of first-time resolutions and average handle time, instead successful customer service is based on up-sell/cross-sell rates and conversation volume metrics. By 2020, it is predicted that 90% enterprise level companies will be using social media for customer inquiries.

A surprising fact that may help you jump on the social media customer service train, is that e-service support requests (web, chat, social) from customers is expected to grow 53% in the next year! Customer service is no longer about responding to complaints that you receive, it is about actively listening, monitoring, and engaged with brand mentions online.

Social Media Customer Service Infographic

By Brianna Smith

3 thoughts on “Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool: Infographic

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    In today’s business climate customers expect more from companies. The business value and risks are real. It is no longer about how fast a business can respond but how WELL..

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