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Top 5 Website Design Trends for 2015

More than anything else, a company’s website is the public face of their business to the world. Consumers are doing more research than ever before when looking to buy a product or service; and when doing that… Continue reading

How to Use Instagram for Business

With a community of over 300 million active monthly users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms with high engagements, and yet is still a very untapped territory for most… Continue reading

Building Your Blog [SlideShare Presentation]

Blogs have become the life force behind a brand’s online identity. Blog posts fuel social media efforts, give search engines content to crawl and index, provide companies the opportunity to showcase themselves as… Continue reading

3 Lessons in Brand Passion from Winning Brand Builders

What separates two brands in an industry, from one being successful and another not? Brand passion! The passion that company founders have for their brands is transferred to their customers, so customers not… Continue reading

How to Choose the Most Effective Social Media Platform for Your Brand

Go where your audience is This is a basic of marketing, digital or not. For example, If you are selling custom hunting bows, you wouldn’t advertise in the Vogue magazine. Instead, you will… Continue reading

50 Mobile Marketing Facts That Will Blow You Away

Do you have a mobile website or app? Not sure if you should invest in developing a mobile site or app? Don’t think you need a mobile marketing strategy? MOBILE! It is what everyone… Continue reading

The Modern Marketer: Infographic

Want to be a marketer? Well, make sure you know what it truly means. To become a successful marketer it is no longer about developing a catchy ad campaign that you will shout… Continue reading

How to Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day Infographic

With a defined social media strategy in place, marketers can rock social media in 30 minutes a day. Sound too good to be true? It is actually possible if your daily use of… Continue reading

Super Bowl 2013 Ads: First Half Touchdowns and Fumbles

Twitter was going crazy during the Super Bowl this year, and it wasn’t about the game. The trending hashtags were all about the advertisements. Adweek promoted the hashtag #adweekbowl, which attracted a great… Continue reading

5 Steps to Converting Leads: an Inbound Marketing Infographic

The  Whole Brain Group recently published an intriguing infographic explaining the key components of one of my favorite marketing methodologies, inbound marketing. I was drawn to this infographic because it compares traditional and inbound marketing… Continue reading

Social Media Case Studies: Twitter Successes to Learn From

Twitter can be a powerful tool for sharing information, following topics of interest, and connecting with industry leaders. However, for many businesses (both large and small), Twitter is still that “strange” social media… Continue reading