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3 Lessons in Brand Passion from Winning Brand Builders

What separates two brands in an industry, from one being successful and another not? Brand passion! The passion that company founders have for their brands is transferred to their customers, so customers not… Continue reading

The Anatomy of the Social Media Command Center

I have had the great opportunity to work with Matt Wesson, a very talented marketing content specialist and graphic designer, on the development of the infographic below about the rise of “Social Media… Continue reading

Social Media’s Biggest Blunders Infographic

With millions of people using social media every day and growing, it is more crucial than ever that you are prepared for any difficult situations that may arise, such as Facebook post or… Continue reading

The Challenge of Creating a Connection Between Multiple Brands

So you have been developing your online brand identity, making sure that your website is both enticing and user friendly. But, now imagine this challenge: “There are five brands within a larger corporate… Continue reading

Starbucks: Refreshers

Originally posted on It's All In The Package:
Starbucks amazes me. The company has some majorly brilliant marketing minds, in my opinion. And they’ve long since had extremely strong branding for both…

How Social Media Has Changed the Sports Industry

Originally posted on American Sports Addiction:
As the internet continues to be a driving source of information for global society, communications and marketing specialists in addition to sports leagues are beginning to adapt…

Who Has the Better Ad Network? Facebook Vs. Google

The internet has been a buzz this week with discussion of Facebook’s IPO, and rightfully so. It seems like we have all been try to guess when and if it was finally going… Continue reading

Google’s Playbook for Winning at Mobile

Mobile usage is on the rise as more and more consumers are purchasing smartphones and tablets. Mobile marketing, whether through advertising, a mobile site, or an app, is the best way to reach… Continue reading

5 Companies Rocking Social Media

Social media has become one of the greatest tools for companies to build relationships with their customers. While some companies are hesitant to use social media because of the inability to control negative… Continue reading

4 Social Media Platforms to Watch in 2012

When the Pinterest phenomenon began, I was personally caught off guard. Even with all the marketing blogs I follow, I did not hear of the new popular social media platform. After reading and… Continue reading

9 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros

The Social Media Examiner recently posted a great article about the 9 best Social Media Marketing Tips: Draw attention to your custom tabs in the new Faccbook timeline – they share great applications… Continue reading