2012 Social Media Report Card Infographic Pardot

The Social Media Report Card: Infographic

2012 was a very eventful year for the social media world. (understatement, I know!) Between acquisitions, introductions of new platforms, and grand site design changes, social media was an ever changing environment. Each time things seemed to calmed down, and marketers could catch their breath for a moment, things got flipped upside-down again. But, even though social media last year was a constantly changing arena, it is important for businesses to understand where each of the social media leaders stood at the end of the year; in addition to the opportunities and threats that face each platform during 2013.

Luckily, the talented Matt Wesson of Pardot accepted the challenge of grading each of the social media giants on some of the most important key performance indicators, including:

  • Platform growth rate
  • ROI potential for business*
  • Monthly visitor count and growth
  • Best uses for businesses

The final 2012 “school year” grades for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ have been compiled in the infographic below. The infographic also has some great insights about each platforms’ overall performance last year, and the opportunities available in 2013. Find out who made it to the top of the class in 2012, and which social network may require some additional one-on-one tutoring this year.

2012 Social Media Report Cards [INFOGRAPHIC] - Pardot Infographic

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* ROI estimates are based on audience, growth rate, and audience composition, and are calculated to convey potential return for B2B marketers.

By Brianna Smith

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