Social Media 2012

Biggest Moments in Social Media in 2012

From the rise of Pinterest to the ups and downs of Facebook post-IPO, 2012 was a big year for social media. The infographic below, courtesy of The SEO Company and Nowsourcing, showcases some of the top social media moments from 2012, including:

  • The complete integration of the timeline format for Facebook profiles and pages
  • Pinterest becomes a top referral source, referring more traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+
  • Facebook purchases Instagram
  • Facebook IPO opens at $38 shares in May, and falls to $21.83 by October 3rd
  • The number of Twitter users who simultaneously watched TV and tweeted about the show reaches 33% of active users
  • The number of daily active users for Instagram surpasses that of Twitter
  • Facebook surpasses 1 billion members
  • The Gangnam style video becomes the most watched video in YouTube history

Think another event should be included in 2012’s top social media moments?
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Biggest Social Media Moments 2012
By Brianna Smith