Top Takeaways from 2017 Inbound Conference

Less than 2 weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to attend HubSpot’s Inbound Conference in Boston. I have been to this conference before and it is one of my favorite industry conferences. I had not been able to attend the past 2 years, so I was very excited to return and ready to be inspired. I was not disappointed! Pages and pages of my notebook are filled with takeaways from the many sessions I attended, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you!

Rocking RemarketinG

When creating a remarketing campaign in Google AdWords make sure to use the Customer Match feature. In addition, use Google Analytics to create a Similar Audience. A Similar Audience is created using a cookie duplicator. It creates a look-a-like audience of people who haven’t visited your website but are similar to those that have reached goal pages on your website.

Inbound Session – “Data-Driven Remarketing: 3 Funnel Flipping Sights for Targeting Your Personas” by Michael Bartholow

LinkedIn Publisher Tip

The 5 reasons that you should use Articles (long form posts) over updates (short form posts) on LinkedIn, articles are:

  1.  Sticky
  2.  SEO Searchable
  3.  Portray Thought Leadership
  4.  Drive Website Traffic
  5.  Great for Lead Generation

Also, also include your bio and a call to action at the end of an article!

Inbound Session – “4 Steps to Creating Explosive Success With Content Marketing On LinkedIn” by Viveka von Rosen

Quick Inbound Marketing Wins

My 5 favorite Inbound Marketing Hacks for B2B Lead Generation for this session:

  • Looking for ideas for your FAQ? Use the Google Search autofill feature for ideas!
  • Focus on event activation – several months in before attending an event, focusing on creating useful content for attendees such as “Best Sessions for Marketers to Attend at the EXAMPLE Conference”.
  • Compile the top 3-5 reasons that an opportunity doesn’t close and then create low touch nurturing campaigns to make sure you stay top of mind in a non-aggressive manner.
  • Create a comparison matrix – Don’t be afraid to share this information! Customers prefer companies that are transparent and this tool can help weed out customers that would not be a good fit.
  • Host monthly industry leader panels or interviews on your blog

Inbound Session – “Hacking Inbound: 25+ Proven B2B Lead Generation Campaigns and Quick Wins” by Paul Roetzer

Corporate EMail Tips That Work

You are missing out on an EXTREMELY powerful tool in your emails. Email signatures! I am not talking about just the email signature in your big email blast, I am talking about the email signatures in your sales team’s emails and customer support team’s emails to customers. Those emails directly from one person to another. Are you taking advantage of that real estate? I know I am not, but now I will after this session! Make sure that your email signatures are tailored to who you are emailing.

  • Emailing a customer – Call-to-action in email should focus on product notifications, updates, and upgrades
  • Sales emailing a hot lead – Call-to-action in email should focus on guides, whitepapers, and eBooks for that stage of the funnel.

Inbound Session – “Corporate Email – A Secret Weapon Every Marketer Owns and Must Take Advantage Of” by Bryan Wade

Using Facebook Ads for B2B

When using Facebook ads for B2B focus on Lead Generation Ads for educational materials like eBooks. Targeting should focus on interest groups and create look-a-like audiences based on people who stay on your site the longest, have visited specific intent pages, look like those on your customer email list, or have engaged with your posts.

Inbound Session – “How to Win at B2B Facebook Marketing” by Michael Harf


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