What’s Their Worth? Facebook Vs. Pinterest Visitors

Pinterest has become a great sales tool for companies already using, and those beginning to use, social media to connect with their customers. It has also grown into one of the most popular social media platforms.

But, can it really compete with the “Big Kahuna” of social media, Facebook?

Does Pinterest drive valuable site traffic?

Do Pinterest users have a greater connection with the brands they follow?

Luckily, Boticca created a great infographic to answer some of these questions regarding “who does it better”, Facebook or Pinterest. For the infographic data, Boticca analyzed 50,000 Pinterest users and 50,000 Facebook users. They share their five most interesting findings in this fun infographic below.


  • Visitors from Pinterest spend (on average) over $100 more than visitors from Facebook
  • Pinterest has a larger influence on final purchase decision than Facebook
  • Pinterest drives a larger amount of new traffic to websites
  • Facebook visitors are more engaged than Pinterest visitors, staying on the site longer and viewing more pages
  • Pinterest visitor engagement is lower than both Facebook and average visitor engagement
  • Visitors driven to the website from Facebook¬† have a higher conversion rate than visitors that came from Pinterest

The winner of this battle depends greatly on the goals of your social media strategy: increasing the percentage of new visits vs. increasing user engagement. Based on these findings, who do you think wins this show down?

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Source: http://www.powerretail.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/pinterest-infographic.jpg