Social Media Case Studies: Facebook Successes to Learn From

Businesses large and small have discovered how to leverage their Facebook communities to strengthen brand loyalty and communicate directly with customers. The challenges that they have faced and the solutions they have discovered along the way are just a few of the things we can learn from the companies who are successfully using Facebook as a marketing platform.

The following are three case studies that I think offer a lot of great insights on how to use Facebook for your business, as well as a few innovative ideas about how to use different Facebook features.

Intel Uses Facebook to Create a Discussion about Technology

Intel Facebook Strategy

The Social Media Examiner interviewed Ekaterina Walter, a social media strategist at Intel, about how Intel uses Facebook and what they have learned from their different Facebook efforts. Intel began their Facebook journey focusing on starting a continuous and engaging discussion about technology with their Facebook fans. In the interview, Ekaterina discusses:

  • How Intel targeted potential fans
  • The organic growth of Intel’s fan base
  • The importance of understanding your fan’s likes and dislikes
  • Intel’s news feed optimization strategy
  • The importance of engaging with fans
  • The benefits of using an editorial calendar

I highly recommend checking out this case study, because even though Intel is a global brand many of the insights from the interview can be applied to any business’ Facebook strategy

Clorox Leverages Facebook to Build Awareness of New Green Products

Clorex Green Works Facebook Strategy Clorex’s environmentally friendly product line Green Works was unable to gain a strong foothold in the social media world right out of the gate, so they revamped their Facebook strategy.

The Green Works Facebook campaign was focused around one singular goal, build brand awareness. What I found particularly interesting about this case study was Green Work’s use of a coupon to increase engagement and the extremely positive results they saw once after the discount portion of their strategy was implemented. In addition, this case study also focuses on the how Green Works’ strategy focused on both on-page engagement of fans and the use of Facebook advertisements.

How Facebook Face Recognition Was Used in Coca-Cola Campaign

Cocacola Facebook Strategy Case StudyIn the Summer of 2011, Coca-Cola took their Facebook strategy where no other company had gone before. The Coca-Cola FaceLook campaign was launched at the Coca-Cola Summer Love theme parks in Israel. Coca-Cola placed machines around the theme parks in which people could log into the Coca-Cola Facebook real life posting application using nothing but their face. Once logged into the application, users could then post about their experiences at the events. Check out the video below about Coca-Cola Israel Summer Love FaceLook  campaign to learn more about their strategy.

For more examples of how companies have successfully integrated social media into their marketing strategy, check out Social Media Case Studies: Twitter Successes to Learn From.
Do you think one company in particular is doing an amazing job as utilizing Facebook for their business? Or do you have a favorite Facebook success case study?

I always appreciate your insights and feedback, please leave a comment below!
By Brianna Smith