Super Bowl 2013 Ads: First Half Touchdowns and Fumbles

Twitter was going crazy during the Super Bowl this year, and it wasn’t about the game. The trending hashtags were all about the advertisements. Adweek promoted the hashtag #adweekbowl, which attracted a great crowd of marketers and tweeters. The other big hashtag of the night was definitely #brandbowl.

So what were the ad winners and losers of the first half of the Super Bowl?


First off, I think we can all agree that the first GoDaddy spot of the night was a complete and disturbing fail. I have no idea what demographic that ad was targeting, because I am pretty sure every demographic finds that kiss awkward and nauseating. However, GoDaddy did make up for it a bit with their second ad of the night,

Pizza Hut

While it ran before the game, I really enjoyed the Pizza Hut commercial “You can’t have football with out the Hut”. It was successful in building the emotional brand connection.

Car Commercials of Super Bowl 2013

Of the car commercials during the first half of the game, I found the Hyundai Sonata commercial and the Audi prom commercial to be the best. The VW commercial was just an awkward fail for me personally, though there were a lot of positive tweets about the ad.

Taco Bell and Best Buy

Other good contenders for the top ad of the first half of the Super Bowl were the Taco Bell old people partying ad and the Amy Poehler Best Buy ad.

Let me know which ones you think were successful, and which ones were a waste of money.

By Brianna Smith