Social Media Week 2012

Today I was able to watch two great live presentations from social media week 2012:

  • Moves Like Jagger: Customer Service Evolved- from Social Media Week San Francisco
  • Applying Big Data Analytics to Social Media Data – from Social Media Week New York Business and Innovation

At the end of this week, I will do a recap of all the tricks and tools I learned from the different speakers and panels.

If you are interested, you can watch all the presentations, panels, and events from all over the world live online. You can even tweet in your questions, and they will answer them while you watch. I recommend watching the Applying Big Data Analytics to Social Media Data panel discussion, some really impressive social media analytics tools were discussed. All of the past event videos, which were originally live streamed, are available at the bottom of each event page (ex: at the bottom of the SMW NY Business and Innovation page).

Click following LiveStream link to watch presentations for Social Media Week live from New York, Hamburg, London, Miami, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Paris, Singapore, Toronto, and Toyko. LiveStream

Also, check out the Social media Week Real Time Inforgraphic. It is very cool! Real time info on the top trending topics, check-ins, hashtags, handles, tweets, and events. Below is a screen shot of the global Social Media Week Real Time Infographic.

Use the following link to check out the: Social Media Week 2012 Real Time Infographic

Social Media Week 2012 Real Time Infographic

Integrating Brand Strategy into Website Design

Now, more than ever, it is important that we stop treating a brand and a website as separate entities. Websites should be extensions of the brand, not separate.

A brand is more than a company’s logo, product, or tag line; it is the experience that customers associate with the company and the essence of the company.

A website is the online extension of a physical storefront, and there should be a seamless extension of brand identity between the physical store and the website homepage.

A bad website experience can affect sales and even permanently affect brand image the same way that a misdirected advertising message can.

Since customers are doing more and more of their shopping online, whether or not they are purchasing or researching, it is difficult to imagine separating brand strategy from your website strategy and design.

Below are examples of companies that I think are doing a great job of using their websites as direct extensions of their brand. Check out their websites to see more ways that they are extending their brand from in-store to online.

White House Black Market

white house black market website and brand strategy

Under Armour

under armour website


Michaels website

Social Media Connections

Planning for Your Social Media Campaign

I can not stress more, the impSocial Media Connectionsortance of doing your due diligence before starting a Social Media campaign. Everything may go smoothly after launch, but don’t be blindsided if things do not go as plan.

Rather, have a crisis management plan in place for everything you think could go wrong. A great example we can all learn from, in regards to the importance of having a crisis management plan in place prior to launching your Social Media campaign, is the recent McDonald’s #McDStories Twitter campaign. McDonald’s Twitter campaign did not evolve as planned and the lack of a crisis management plan made the situation even worse.  Check out the LA Times article about the campaign: McDonald’s #McDStories Twitter marketing effort goes awry

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