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  1. corporateavenger says:

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    Re-branding is a tough gig, but what I feel was the most shocking thing from looking at these logo changes was the fact that I was oblivious to the fact that a lot of these logos changed. Looking back now, it is obvious to see the changes and recall the obsolete logos, but I feel that each company managed to “modernize” their logo, while still staying as true to their brand to the extent to not set red flags with consumers (You’d hate to cause a consumer confusion to the point that they could not readily identify your existing brand from the new logo!). Kudos to all of these companies for some good jobs well done.

  2. MGCabral says:

    Love the post, the new logos and the buzz around it all.
    Shall we guess on the companies strategies with the logo redesign? What are the main messages behing them?
    Wallmart: “We have it all for you here”
    Applebee’s: “We are fresh”
    Sprint: “We fly”
    Jack in the Box: “We are modern”
    Gatorade: “We have the power”

    Does this make sense to you? Which are the voices of these brands for you?

    • beingyourbrand says:

      Thank you for your comment! I really like your insight regarding the strategies and messages behind the redesigns. I think you are right on target with the voice of the brands:

      Walmart: “We still have it all but with a modern twist”
      Applebee’s: the new logo shows their fresh, more gourmet, but still affordable food strategy
      Sprint: “We have the fastest data speed”
      Jack in the Box: new logo may be saying “We are thinking outside the box”since they expanded their menu to include items like stir fry bowls.
      Gatorade: I think the new logo is saying “Gatorade, the power you need to win”

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