6 Steps for Connecting with Customers

Creating Customer RelationshipsBranding is a two way relationship between a company and their customers. A company can create the brand image that they want, but how customers connect with the brand will determine the true brand meaning.

Building a connection with customers is not a simple nor a quick endeavor; rather, it takes consistency, determination and a personal touch. The following are six ways to cultivate customer relationships.

1) Is That a Word

Create a unique, catchy, and memorable company name that catches customers’ attention. While a logo can evolve and a company strategy can be modified, a company name is forever.

2) Picture This

To create a recognizable logo that comes to mind at first glance, focus on:

  • Simplicity – While a logo needs to stand out from the rest, it shouldn’t be over complicated
  • Versatility –  A versatile logo can be used on many different mediums, print, TV, and online.
  • Timeless design – While a logo can evolve if need be, it is more important that customers can still connect with your logo 10, 20, or more years later than for it to be considered extremely edgy right now.

3) Listen and React

Listen to what your customers have to say, both the negative and the positive. Customers do not want to be ignored, they want their importance acknowledged. By listening to what your customers are saying about your company, either to you and to others, you will be able to understand what makes some customers love you and others hate you. In turn, you will gain a better understanding of what motivates customers to buy your product and how to react to changes in customer motivation.

4) Brand More Than Your Company

In order to build a relationship with your customers, they must be able to connect with the personal, or human, side of the brand. A company is more than just a logo, contracts, emails, and sales; it is a living organism driven by people who care about the products they deliver and the customers they serve. Don’t just create a company brand, also create a brand for yourself. One of the best ways to do this is to use social media to link your customers to your brand and to you, such as blogging or tweeting. In addition to connecting to your customers, this will also help you to connect with employees by increasing transparency and communication within the company.

5) Bring Value to the Table

Understand what your brand means to your customers and what YOU want your brand to mean to your customers. It is very difficult for a company to create a product or service that is one-of-a-kind, so to differentiate yourself you must bring more value to your customers than your competitors do.

6) Reward Loyalty

Good customers can be the best advertisement because good word of mouth is priceless. Focus on building brand loyalty from the beginning and find ways to surprise customers to make them feel extra special. To make a customer feel like they are more than “just another sale” you can never go wrong with a personal touch, such as a personalized letter.

What other ways can you help customers connect with your brand? Leave a comment below, I appreciate your insights.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net