The Power of Social Media for Small Businesses

Manta recently completed a survey of 600 small businesses across the United States to determine level of activity from small businesses on social media, and how valuable it is to the growth of their businesses.

The following infographic breaks down the findings of the small business social media survey, including:

  • The importance of networking online versus in-person networking – over 50% of small businesses said that online networking was as important as in-person networking
  • The average amount of time small businesses dedicate to online-networking¬†– over half of the businesses surveyed reported spending at least a quarter their time networking using online resources, such as social media platforms
  • The percentage of customers gained by through online or social media channels – 42% of small businesses surveyed said they gained a quarter of their customers through online or social media channels; however, 22% reported having gone none through online networking
  • The greatest benefit that small businesses receive from online networking and/or social media – the survey found that small businesses receive the most value from the potential of being found by new customers via online networking or social media
  • The percentage of small businesses that find Facebook valuable – 42% of small businesses find Facebook valuable
  • Which online and social channels drive the most traffic to their business – after their company website, small businesses reported Facebook to drive the largest amount of traffic




2 thoughts on “The Power of Social Media for Small Businesses

  1. Corey says:

    Social media marketing is crucial in any small business nowadays. Before it is TV that people’s eyes are glued on, so advertisements are seen mostly in TVs.

    Now, Facebook, is the new TV, because almost all people in the world can’t fill up the day without opening their FB accounts.

    Just imagine 829 million daily active users and 654 million mobile daily active users.

    Imagine what Facebook can do to your small business promotion and branding if you have a page in Facebook. What more amazing is, it’s for free.

    But as mentioned above, Small business owners should have a good plan and good strategy in place to make its social media marketing works very well.

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