The Power of the Facebook Power User

With 526 million active daily users, as of March 2012, Facebook usage is continuing to grow. Facebook users are sharing, liking, and commenting on more content than ever before.

Of all Facebook users,  20-30% are considered ‘Power Users’; the most active and influential users on Facebook.

An active user is defined by the number of times they complete one of the “key” Facebook activities each month. The key Facebook activities measured include:

  • Receiving/sending friend requests
  • Tagging or being tagged in photos
  • “Liking” posts and comments
  • Sending/receiving private messages
  • Status updates
  • Commenting on posts

While Facebook power users are the most active users, they are typically only highly active in one of the key Facebook activities. However, 14% of power users are considered highly active in 3 or more activities. The users in this specific category are often the most influential.

The influence that power users have is not solely measured on the number of times they complete an action, but also on the frequency of interaction with other Facebook users.

The majority of Facebook power users receive more “friend request” than they send, they are tagged in more photos than they tag others in, and they comment on friend’s posts more often than they update their own status. Because power users comment on posts frequently, they are often the  conversation drivers and influence the dialogue more than other users.

The true power of these Facebook users can be seen by the amount of influence that they have on political issues discussed on Facebook. Because of their high levels of activity and increasing influence, these are the users that companies should try to connect and engage with as much as possible.

The infographic below by DemandForce, breaks down all the features of the Facebook power user: who they are and how they use the biggest social media platform.

It also discusses why it is important for companies to not only target and engage with power users, but also the significance of rewarding power users as well.

Do you think you are a power user?

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