6 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Today’s consumers are being hit with sales messages from all directions; while watching TV, reading magazines (paper or tablet version), browsing the web, checking out what their friends are up to on Facebook, checking their email, and more. However, even with all the different ways consumers are being targeted they still have the power to ignore, or in the case of email marketing delete, sales messages targeted at them.

When it comes to email marketing, there is a very short time frame in which to draw the recipient in and convert them into a customer. Pardot, a leader in marketing automation, created a great infographic to help companies understand the six essential components of effective email marketing. The infographic below does a stellar job breaking down the six components into easy to understand and apply tools. Also, check out a quick recap below for tips and takeaways.

The 6 Essentials of an Effective Email [Snapshot] - Pardot Infographic

Embedded from the Pardot Blog

Email Marketing Takeaways

  1. The subject line is probably the most important factor of any sales email. Email recipients will decide whether to open or trash an email in a matter of seconds. To prevent recipients from deleting an email before opening it, focus on making the subject line enticing while still properly portraying what the content in the email is about.
  2. Personalize sales emails as much as possible, by focusing on making recipients feel like “not just another email address”.
  3. Make sure that your messages “gets-to-the-point” quickly and states what benefits  the recipient receives from taking the requested action
  4. Make sure to include a call-to-action. When determining what that call to action will be, think about how  you measure the success of an email campaign and/or convert the email recipient into a customer.

For more tips on improving your email marketing campaign, check out my article: How a Subject Line Can Make or Break Your Email Marketing Campaign.