Social Media’s Biggest Blunders Infographic

With millions of people using social media every day and growing, it is more crucial than ever that you are prepared for any difficult situations that may arise, such as Facebook post or Tweet that was never supposed to have been published. Luckily, there are a many examples of social media screw-ups that we can learn from.

The infographic below includes some of the biggest social media blunders made by both businesses and celebrities; including Nestle, Ragu, and Aston Kutcher. For each mistake, the inforgraphic explains:

  • The error that was made by the person or company
  • The reaction by others on social media
  • What resulted from their mishap

But, not all social media blunders go down in history as failures. If handled correctly, a mistake can actually be turned into a positive for a company. The infographic uses the example of the American Red Cross Twitter fail in which the organization was able to control the situation by respond appropriately. As a result, they started an online discussion about increasing donations and increased their engagement with users on Twitter.

Social Media Screw Ups Infographic
By Brianna Smith