How Social Media Has Changed the Sports Industry

Brianna Smith:

Sports industry social mediaAre you a social media and sports addict? Or just interested in the ways different industries use social media? Well, check out this great article on the role of social media in the sports industry. Using real-life examples, the article breaks down how social media techniques have been used to build player notoriety, create a culture around sporting events, increase ticket sales, and managing crisis situations.

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As the internet continues to be a driving source of information for global society, communications and marketing specialists in addition to sports leagues are beginning to adapt accordingly. 80% of fans use social media while they are watching sporting events.

The most popular content accessed via social networks? 51% of fans who use the social web follow teams and leagues, while 46% follow individual players. 48% use social networks to access video highlights, 48% to access written articles and 35% to access news bits or interviews.

Player Notoriety

The Lin Sanity epidemic emerged as a result of Twitter and New York Knicks player, Jeremy Lin. Lin gained half a million Twitter followers in one month during his 15-minutes of fame earlier this year.

University of Florida football legend and current quarterback of the New York Jets, Tim Tebow has been a Twitter sensation since he was drafted in 2010…

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