How Colors Affect Purchases

Does color affect a customers’ purchase experience? Will it increase the chances that a customer will by your product?

The answer to both of these questions is YES! Color is one of the most important factors that a customer considers when making a purchase, both consciously and unconsciously. Check out the infographic below on how colors affect purchases.

Here my 3 favorite facts:

  • 85% of customers say that color is one of the primary factors that they consider when choosing to buy a product.
  • Color can increase brand recognition by 80%.
  • Colors can even entice the right “type” of customers. Using orange in your ad will entice impulse shoppers, so use shades of orange for big sales. Budget focused shoppers respond best to navy blue and teal.

Also, check out below what emotions your brand’s colors invoke when your customers see your logo or product. The infographic also breaks down how time, overall design, and words can impact purchase decisions.

In the comments below let me know what you think of the infographic and/or if color has ever swayed your decision to make a purchase.

How do  colors affect purchases

12 thoughts on “How Colors Affect Purchases

        • beingyourbrand says:

          Same here. I knew that when we see certain colors, we unconsciously react to them. Such as, red which makes us feel hunger (i.e. why McDonald’s using red in their logo). But, I didn’t know colors correspond with types of shoppers. I will have to pay more attention to the “sale” signs next time I go shopping.

    • beingyourbrand says:


      I am so glad that you like it and thank you so much for tweeting my post!!! I am very intrigued by colors, packaging, and presentation as well. It has such a big impact on our purchase decisions.

      • Ashley K. Edwards says:

        It certainly does for some folks. At a company I worked for a few years back an agency did a presentation on how consumers purchase items. I’m most definitely an “emotional” purchaser, meaning I’ll make a buy based on the creativity of the packaging. Of course, if the product actually sucks I wouldn’t purchase again, but at least the first time….

          • Ashley K. Edwards says:

            Yeah, I think there’s probably some truth to that. I mean, I don’t particularly care what the packaging looks like if I’m buying a bag of carrots!

            But some people just don’t care about visuals or packaging at all. They just want the information–product value and benefits–and then they’ll make up their mind on their own.

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