The Modern Marketer: Infographic

Want to be a marketer? Well, make sure you know what it truly means. To become a successful marketer it is no longer about developing a catchy ad campaign that you will shout from the roof tops. marketing has evolved into a combination of artistry and science. The modern marketer must have a strategic and analytical mind dedicated to measurable metrics but that is always craving a creative outlet. 

Take a look at what you need to be a successful modern marketer in the infographic below. A marketer must:

  • Be a creative writer
  • Have an eye for great visual content
  • Understand the power of social media for engaging with consumers
  • Live by the rules and best practices of email marketing
  • Be Dedicated to tracking and measuring all marketing efforts
  • Enjoy using analytics tools to understand data and visualize trends
  • Be a budgeting maven
  • Never stop looking for new tools and resources to understand consumers

But, even though being a modern marketer means not thinking like the advertising minds of the Mad Men characters, it does not mean you can’t dress like them!

modern marketer artist and scientist
Via: Marketing Cloud
Infographic by Matt Wesson, is a Marketing Content Specialist at Pardot.

By Brianna Smith

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  1. Thijs Fiselier says:

    This is not an infographic, and it has nothing to do with a “modern” marketer.., It is a Ad-graphic. Making you believe that all creative marketers need tools to achieve their objectives. Ofcourse by making use of… U see?!

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